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5 Top Ways to Make an Outfit Go From Pretty Haute to Absolutely NOT!

Have you ever been out and about and saw a beautiful woman mistreat a stylish outfit because it is ill fitted? How about seeing someone wearing a bold dress without the bold attitude to match? I'm here to help my Haute Girls (YOU) avoid the common mishaps that many women make. Here are my 5 Top ways to Make an Outfit/Dress go from Pretty Haute to Absolutely Not:

1. Wearing an Ill Fitted Bra - Don't be that girl who suffers from muffin top of the boobs! We've all seen boobs that hang under the bra line or even the boobs that are trying to escape the bra cups. Most women aren't fans of gaining weight, but it's apart of life. As you gain (or lose) it's imperative to get properly fitted for a bra. Believe it or not, you can purchase a custom bra made just for you and "the girls" for less than $60-75. While that may sound like a lot of money for only one bra, consider it an investment! Saggy breasts or full perky breasts that reside in an ill fitted bra will definitely make your look go from haute to not! What's the moral of the story: If your cup is only half full or overflowing, you need a different bra!

2. Forgetting What Your Grandma Taught You: Wear a Slip- Yes, I just went old school on you! I also have a confession: I don't always wear a slip! I know that sounds so hypocritical, but it's true. The key is knowing when one is needed. If you're wearing a thin knit such as a jersey knit often times you can see right through it. Do we all need to know you have polka dot panties? Absolutely NOT! Have you ever seen a girl wearing a thong and her dress is caught in the middle of her crack? If no one else told you this, let me be the first to say that is NOT HAUTE! Wearing a slip will hide those horrendous VPLs (Visible Panty Lines). Wearing a slip will hide the dimples and cellulite on our behinds and thighs. Most importantly, some garments need a slip so it can lay smooth and hang the way the designer intended the garment to hang. What's the moral of the story: Having a good foundation is key to any style!

3. Wearing Too Small Clothing- Do I really have to explain this one? You KNOW when your clothes are too small. Trust me when I tell you this: EVERYONE else knows as well! I'm a strong believer that you should love yourself at every size, even if you're larger than you desire. That means be stylish & fly at every stage until you get to your desired size. If you gained a few pounds, you may need to gain acceptance go shopping for your new size. This is much better than wearing clothes that are too small for you. Also, wearing clothes that are too small highlight the obvious... those extra rolls you like to pretend that doesn't exist. What's the moral of the story: We See You!

4. Wearing Too Big Clothing- You may not like your weight, but guess what... wearing big clothes makes you look bigger! Stop hiding those beautiful curves. Wear clothes that properly accentuate your curves while removing extra pounds from the naked eye. What's the moral of the story: Always wear clothes that fit.

5. Leaving Your Confidence at Home- What good would it do to follow the first four tips if you don't have the confidence to match? I'm convinced a confident woman can make a trash bag look good. In fact, NOTHING looks better on a woman than confidence! The lack of confidence is the #1 style buster. What's the moral of the story: Your milkshake may bring all of the boys to the yard, but your confidence will make them stay there! Our friends, significant others, coworkers, and even business associates are all attracted to confidence! It's a woman's "can't live without" accessory.

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